Monday, April 23, 2012

Mission Rewards Rebalancing

In order to provide a fair, exciting and challenging experience for all Entropia Universe participants, revised guidelines for proper balancing of mission rewards have been provided to the Planet Partners.

There are two primary goals of the new mission reward guidelines:
  • Ensure that missions reward participants adequately and fairly for the associated activity.
  • Ensure that rewards provided by missions on the different planets within Entropia Universe are in balance with one another.

These new guidelines require that the current skill and attribute rewards must be adjusted for all missions on all planets. The actual adjustment of rewards will be implemented with the Planet Partner release scheduled for August 21, 2012. After the August release, any missions already in progress will provide the adjusted rewards rather than the rewards previously given.

MindArk has encouraged Planet Partners to provide temporary spawns of mission creatures during the next several months to facilitate participants completing their current mission objectives before the rewards changes take place.

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