Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The announcement by Mindark last night that attributes basically have zero impact on our avatars, for me was a tragedy of epic proportions. A six year illusion shattered instantly with the reality that the only pure thing left in Entropia was in fact an enormous lie. I was generally emotionally in shock and sadness, and maybe managed one hour sleep.

We believed that somehow these small but important attributes were specially related to our professions in some mystical way that enabled us the right to skill in that profession with some feeling and degree of safety that we had earned it over many years.

For most of us, this is more than a game it is a lifestyle. We have devoted years to it, yet Mindark speak of it in ones and zeros, I really do not think they understand the devoted participants mindset at all. This goes beyond addiction, this is an emotional attachment to a world that we genuinely love to be a part of. Yet last night all this belief was smashed, swept away by the shocking truth that all of it is just numbers with no value, nothing more nothing less.

This is more than a change to the mission system, that’s why I have started a new post. It means that when Mindark were putting together the original mission rewards they laughed at us for chasing something that had no real value in game. It was ALL an incredible LIE.

Where do we go from here? Missions now with attributes mean nothing, because attributes mean nothing other than some HP gain. You know sometimes Mindark have a strategy and ideas that really impress me. They’re true masters of making something from nothing, but at other times they can rip your love for the entropia universe apart.

Attributes aside what is the true value of any of our skills to us. Is it really as simple as once you reach level 50 evade we will let you hunt Atrox Stalkers. Do these skills trigger any special loot, I’m not sure anymore if our hard earned skills really mean anything.

This is not a game we play for a few months, it is designed to take years to skill to decent levels, the management at Mindark need to understand the emotional attachment after such devotion. This goes beyond money, and they know that.

I will try and find some time today to read new posts on the original thread about mission rewards since last night, but our love for the original attributes will be hard to win back.

I now feel saddness for Nighthawks and Jokers skill lists, based on attributes.

All the best folks, please feel free to pour your heart out.


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