Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Entropia Universe 12.5.6 Release Notes

  • When dying in space you are now respawned at the closest space station.
  • Fixed issue with dying in space and not reviving after countdown.
  • Fixed issues with revival and teleporting.
  • You now receive a fee notification when teleporting down to planets from space stations.
  • Waypoints in space are now visible in world and not only in map UI.
  • Improved performance when using “Previous & Next target” function.

  • Camera view can become jerky when using a tool while walking on inclines.
  • The teleport submit button can result in unexpected landings if pressed near the edges.
  • Torso view when in first person view in vehicles can display incorrectly in certain situations.
  • Fort Event - Some terminals in the fort do not give event points.
  • Fort Event - Owner of the fort event cannot see the score in the scoreboard in certain situations.
  • Fort Event - Repair and Trade terminals in the fort event area do not function.
  • Feffoid Cave - The cave can turn very dark in certain situations.
  • Sell Non Tradable tems in TT without getting ped does not work
  • Map UI - Rocktropia map is dark
  • Map UI - Arctic map is dark
  • Map UI - Next Island map is dark
  • Map UI - Ancient Greece map is dark
  • Mentoring - Mentor is unable to add avatar as disciple when the avatars are not on the same server

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