Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eco hunting - what you NEED to know

<Medusa>This post was originally intended as a PM to Joker but I then though this might be something that could really benefit everyone here so I decided to make a new thread with it, and I highly recommend anyone suffering from big hunting losses to actually read it all. Warning for the huge wall of text tho.
This is not intended as flaming or to be negative I just want to point a couple of things out

Since I would hate to see the best(?) melee user in the game go I have decided to give you some tips to try out for the weeks until your brake, and point out what I believe you should do to improve your returns.

1. You seem to hunt almost only on taxed Land areas! What I have noticed a lot of people don't realise is that paying 5% tax does not mean you will loose 5% more PEDs! Assuming the average loot return is 90-95% (which it is) let's say 95% in this example to make it simple, adding 5% tax to that changes return from 95% to 90% this is an increase in cost by 100%!!! not 5%. Even assuming 90% average return paying 5% tax increases your costs by 50%.

2. Most of the mobs on your favourite mob list are ones that have very low MU on their loot and all of them are very frequently hunted by other players. Now you might not be looking for better returns including MU but just to reach a average TT return of 80-90% so this MU mobs is kind of optional.

3. Lots of regen on most of the mobs you tend to hunt. Now regen I'm not to sure about how much it affects the average loot but it does seem to have at least a slight negative effect. I would advise to stay clear of the regen mobs unless they have MU to cover for it. Regen mobs also makes it hard to use finishers (more on that later)

4. Damage enhancers: These don't really change your eco but the cost of the enhancers themself is most likely just added on top of the rest, no idea whether the cost of the enhancers are compensated for in the loot or not but at the very least the MU on them is lost.

Worth using them on regen mobs? I don't know but I would just say stay away from regen mobs instead and not have to worry about that.

5. Overkill: Your sword has awesome damage, however that can also be causing some problems, especially since it deals so much per swing. Now I don't know whether you use a finisher or not but I'm going to assume you aren't here. With 6 damage enhancers your sword does about 200dmg/swing, using this to last hit a mob will on average do around 100dmg overkill. Lets say you are killing atrox young with this at 1000hp each (excluding the regen here for simple numbers) doing 100dmg overkill per atrox young will mean you pay 10% more for each mob killed which again as in the LA example increase your costs by 100-200% (90-95% down to 80-85% return)

6. Armor and Fap: I believe you already use gremlin armor and a fapper which is good. However if armor Isn't a must on the mob then naked + fapper is better (assuming its Adj/Imp/mod fap atleast)

7. Evade skill: From your skill list I see you only have 2900 evade, have you chipped out that already or how can it be that low compared to your other skills? Anyway, hunting many of these mobs you would want atleast lvl 50 evader preferably higher ofc but yea thats pretty hard to get I know.

8. Having to much DPS? I doubt the actuall DPS does anything to the returns but overkill is probably a factor here.

9. One mob at a time! Obivous perhaps, especially with low evade level.

10. Swinging at dead mobs: This atually decays your melee weapons so stop the auto swinging when they die or It's close to 40PEC loss every swing and this can add up fast.

This all of course apply to TT values, hunting on LA can be ok if you can cover the tax with MU or really want a mission done etc.

Not sure if I forgot anything now, but I don't see ANY way to get less than 75% average returns if following just a couple of these points.


  1. Greetings!
    Maybe it's the time and/or my tiredness but I seem to be one of the persons not figuring out your example in part 1. (the 5% tax increasing the cost by 100%)

    here is how I started to think it through, as by your example loot return being 95% :

    with 10000peds, I should be able to get 9500peds (on average that 95%) if the taxation takes 5% of my loot, would mean I only get 9000peds (95% minus 5% tax). In which part my costs increase 100%?
    Could you clarify this bit more so I can read it and feel silly :)
    - Jane

    1. 5% times two equals 10%, which is 100% further below TT value than you would otherwise be getting.

  2. In your example the original cost is 500 peds. 9500 minus another cost of 500 peds is a 100% increase.

  3. Actually, re: comment 1 - with 10k PED, and 95% return gives 9500...Take away 5% of loot is another 475 PED (9500x5%). So, both are wrong, but the loss is still increased by 95%. Overall yield becomes 90.25%


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