Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 - Too Many Games to Play

I didn't believe that I will ever say this, but at the moment I am feeling like there are too many games to play and not enough time. Everything started with Mass Effect 3 when it was released on 6 of March 2012. I decided to play again Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 to import my character in Mass Effect 3. I also installed some additional DLCs making my game time even longer. In the moment I am in the middle of Mass Effect 2 and to finish Mass Effect 3 I will need 2-3 more weeks if I don't quit my job and play all day. Although reading about the bad ending of Mass Effect 3 I am not sure I will play to the end. And the grand reason for everything that happened in all 3 Mass Effect games is this: "Yo dawg i heard you don't wanna be killed by synthetics, so i made some synthetics to kill you every 50k years, so you won't be killed by synthetics "
But of course not everything about ME 3 is bad. There are some good moments too:
Robot with cameltoe - priceless.

The other game that is coming "soon" (soon by Blizzard) is Diablo 3. It is supposed to be released on 15 of May 2012. No gamer that played Diablo 2 will miss to play Diablo 3. The expectations are high and I hope it won't be disappointment like Mass Effect 3. Diablo 2 was game that people played for 10 years, but the competition in game world now is way bigger then when Diablo 2 was released. And I am not sure D3 will have the same success, but even if it doesn't it will be great game to play when you don't want to think too much and just click and kill.
Here are all 2-16 tiers for armors for all classes:

And on top of all that Planet Cyrene is coming on 1 of May 2012. And I am planning to go there and play really hard. The developers promised that there will be no missions just for the sake of having missions and that all the missions will lead to an area with something special going on. When you arrive on Planet Cyrene you'll be given an introduction on how and why you came to be on the planet and then will be thrown into the action pretty quickly, but in a guided way.
When you finish the starter area and are ready to move on to the real challenging parts of the planet there will be multiple paths you can choose, each with a unique experience. The choices you make will have an impact, most importantly the allegiance to different factions within the game. Who you choose to fight and whom you choose to befriend will define your avatar in distinct ways, it will dictate what storyline you receive and who you receive it from. This is little strange because Entropia Universe supposed to be designed so everyone can do everything, skill in every profession and can take any mission. It will be interesting to see how Planet Cyrene implements that. Besides missions there will be World events. World events will be special events that only happen during a certain time or in a certain area.

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