Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planet Arkadia Launch Drama

After the unexpected delay of 1 day the release of Planet Arkadia is sheduled for today. Only few hours are left. First there was bug with the blueprint and Arkadia was suposed to loamch without the blueprints making all loot TT food for some time. Fortunately the developers at Arkadia Team and MindArk managed to fix the bug just before the launch. With only 1 last misfortune here - The Alienware products will be lootable only by mining or hunting, but not with crafting.
Quoting David Dobson - CEO of Planet Arkadia:
"Planet Arkadia - Launch 25th May
After many many hours of hard work from both Mindark and the team at Arkadia Studios I am very pleased to announce the launch of Planet Arkadia today. (yes I know Arkadiabot beat me to this - just too efficient).
I also have some big news to accompany the launch announcement. Despite Blueprints not being operational on Monday, we worked through the night and fixed the problem just in time to get them in for the launch. So from today, Blueprints are fully operational on Planet Arkadia - I hope the Crafters have some fun with them.
I also need to advise at this time that the Alienware products are not able to be looted from Crafting, only from Hunting and Mining. We will work to bring another event for the Crafters as soon as we can.
I hope you all enjoy your adventures on Planet Arkadia!"
It seems that no planet partner, no mather how professional they are, is safe from bugs.

According to the release notes there are Known Issues for Planet Arkadia:

1.Do not attempt to trade for a Zadul Guardian with a Technician on Planet Arkadia since this will crash your client.
2.In the starting area for Arkadia, only the teleporter quest functions correctly.

The second affects you only if you are new player and start your entropia life on Arkadia.
According to David Dobson
"So to be clear, it is only on Arkadia Genesis that missions are affected."
But if I remember right there is only 1 Genesis for all planets now. Must investigate more...
And 1 more good news with this update. Make up mask textures will work again. Hopefully.

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