Monday, May 23, 2011

Planet Arkadia - Official Game Trailer

Few hours left to Planet Arkadia launch and here is the first official game trailer.
Finally what people wanted to see.
MindArk just announced that the Arkadia launch date will be moved from 24 of May 2011 to 25 of May 2011.
Such big update with new Planet in the universe and teh version update number is 11.10.2

Planet Arkadia - Sci Fi Treasure Hunting MMO - Part of the Entropia Universe

On a distant world in the future, the Imperial Federal Navy unites with colonists from Earth and other planets to discover the secrets of an obliterated ancient race, whilst simultaneously fending off the brutal Oratan hordes who wiped the Arkadians out. Join the colony, choose from a wide variety of professions and begin your adventure. Experience the incredible realism of the CryEngine2 graphics Engine.

An epic adventure awaits you. Join now at or find out more at

Too bad the launch date is delayed with 1 day.
"Important Announcement - Launch is delayed
As promised, if we had any problems occur with the final build I would notify here the earliest I possibly could.
Unfortunately I have had to make a tough decision tonight to postpone the launch of Planet Arkadia due to some technical issues that have arisen in the final patch.
I am very determined that Arkadia will launch ready to go. Without the addition of the final patch some crucial content would have been missing if we proceeded with the launch. I do hope you understand that whilst unfortunate, it is far better that Arkadia launches properly rather than feeling rushed and underdone.  With the scale of the marketing planned for Arkadia, we simply have to make sure the planet makes a good first impression.
The volume of content on Arkadia is immense and will be worth the wait.
I cannot confirm when the launch has been postponed to until tomorrow, when some more tests have been run. At this point in time we are working hard to try and get it to you on Wednesday the 25th May - if we are unable to resolve the issue tomorrow, it will be delayed until Tuesday 31st May.
If we are able to launch on Wednesday, our Blueprints will not be operational at launch, they will be delayed until Tuesday 31st May. Whilst that is disappointing, I will say that the Crafters certainly have something to look forward to as there are in excess of 300 unique Blueprints going in.
I can also announce that Arkadia will have it's own Trade Terminal and Technician Terminal (including Arkadia Blueprint books). I can also announce that although rare, Moonshine has been tinkering with some weapons and has made UnL weapons that are available in mob loots.
As a small token of apology, Cyrus will release the Arkadia trailer video shortly for you to see.
I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of Arkadia. We are very genuine in our appreciation of the community and look forward to seeing everyone at launch. Cyrus and I will be in-game on the day of launch to chat and say hi.
David Dobson"

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