Saturday, May 21, 2011

Manufacturing Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture with Material Manufacturer level 0

Large Striped Cotton
Fabric Texture
I know that crafting is expensive and should stay away from it if I want my PEDs to last longer, but with all that materials in my storage I just can't resist. I had 450 PED of Wool Cloth and decided to make some Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture. I get tired of just typing that name. Surprisingly that crating run lasted only 1 hour. I expected it to be a lot longer since my 130 PED crafting run of General Leather Texture took 2 hours and 30 minutes. Definitely hunting with Opalo will make your PEDs last a lot longer than crafting. One hour and 105 PED loss. With that you can hunt Daikiba for days. And you actually play there and here you just look at the crafting machine with your back facing the room.
But I always think that it will be more expensive if I sell my loot now lower than the market value and byu it back later, when I deside to start crafting, for market value. Of course I can be wrong, but for now I will craft different things with the materials I have just to see how it is going.
I also looted five blueprint with 7-8 PED mark up, but still not enought to brake even. Now I will try to sell them and also I have 225 PED of Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture. Let's hope I will get 6-7 PED mark up on that too.
Manufacturing details:
Date: 13.04.2011
Duration: 1 hour
VU: 11.9.3
Place: Planet Calypso, Amethera, Emerald Lakes Mall, first floor
Coordinates: 31631, 50190, 108
Manufactured Item: Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture
Used BluePrint: Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint; Level: 1; QR: 3.2 in the beginning, 29.1 in the end; Book: Material Texture (Vol. I)
Tier Upgrader: 2
Laser Weapons Engineer: 1
Tailor: 1
BLP Weapons Engineer: 0
Electronics Engineer: 0
Longblades Engineer: 0
Vehicle Structural Engineer: 0
Mechanical Engineer: 0
Metal Engineer: 0
Armor Engineer: 0
Carpenter: 0
Tool Engineer: 0
Attachment Engineer: 0
Shortblades Engineer: 0
Powerfist Engineer: 0
Plasma Weapons Engineer: 0
Gauss Weapons Engineer: 0
Projectile Launcher Engineer: 0
Vehicle Engineer: 0
Material Manufacturer: 0
Enhancer Manufacturer: 0
Wool Cloth, 751: 450.60 PED
Inferior Cloth Extractor, 751: 7.51 PED
Residue: No
Total Input TT Value: 458.11 PED
Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture, 11 250: 225 PED
Inferior Cloth Extractor, 208: 2.08 PED
Metal Residue, 8804: 88.04 PED
Tailoring Remnants, 3635: 36.35 PED
Looted BluePrints: Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint (TT = 0.01 PED; MU = TT + 5 PED); Turp Leather Texture Blueprint (L) (TT = 0.70 PED; MU = 106%); Large Ribbed Wool Fabric Texture Blueprint (L) (TT = 0.29 PED; MU = 230%); Caudatergus Leather Texture Blueprint (TT = 0.01 PED; MU = TT + 1); Large Woven Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint (TT = 0.01 PED; MU = TT + 1)
Total Output TT Value: 352.49 PED
Profit/Loss: 352.49 - 458.11 = - 105.62 PED; (76.94% TT return) (Formula: retturn in % = outpu/input*100)

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