Saturday, May 21, 2011

Killing 211 Merp for the Iron Challenge with Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition at outpost close to Saba Camp on Calypso

Hunting Merp with Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition. Being extremely aggressive, this fast runner is a pest for the recreational hunter. Attacking relentlessly, alone or in packs, it won't stop until dead. It may run when seriously wounded, but always come back for revenge. It is herbivorous and highly adaptable, prevalent on all continents of Calypso.
Today AxeMurderer killed 211 Merp. He was at 289/500 that morning and after that hunt he was at 500/500.
Hunt details:
Date: 10 of April 2011
Duration: 1 hour
VU: 11.9.2
Place: Planet Calypso, Amethera, outpost close to Saba Camp, LA 53, closest teleport Saba Camp
Land Tax: 4% hunting; 4% mining
Coordinates: 18459, 45715, 116
Team or Solo: Solo
Creature(s): Merp (Killed: 211)
Maturity: Young to Guardian
Agility: 46
Health: 101
Intelligence: 30
Psyche: 40
Stamina: 2
Strength: 29
Laser Sniper (Hit): 18
Ranged Laser (Dmg): 14
Laser Pistoleer (Hit): 9
BLP Sniper (Hit): 14
Ranged BLP (Dmg): 9
BLP Pistoleer (Hit): 6
Paramedic: 6
Electro Kinetic (Dmg): 12
Electro Kinetic (Hit): 10
Cryogenic (Dmg): 10
Cryogenic (Hit): 8
Biotropic: 4
Evader: 4
Dodger: 2
1.Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition; MAXED; Attacks per minute: 49/49; Damage: 4-8/4-8; Damage per second: 6.5; Durability: Exceptional
Weapon Amplifier: none; Weapon Attachments: none; Weapon Enhancers: none
Clothes: Rage Pants (M,C); Urban Pattern Shirt (M,C); Mannell Shoes (M,C); Gullaldr Shades (M);
Head: Gremlin Face Guard (M)
Body: Paladin Harness (M)
Arms: Gremlin Arm Guards (M)
Hands: Gremlin Gloves (M)
Thigh: Gremlin Thigh Guards (M)
Shin: Gremlin Shin Guards (M)
Foot: Shogun Foot Guards (M)
Medical Tools: Vivo T10 (L); SIB: No; Heal interval: 18.8-25/18.8-25; Uses per minute: 18/20
Support: Teleportation Chip I; Teleportation Chip II; Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L); Valkyrie Mk1 (C,L); Jormungand Mk1 (C,L)
Loot TT Value: 49.90 PED
Ammo spent: 44.34 PED
Weapon: 0.44 PED
Armor decay: 5.59 PED
Medical kit: 0 PED
Total expenses: 44.34 + 0.44 + 5.59 = 50.37 PED
Loot - Ammo spent = 49.90 - 44.34 = 5.56 PED (112.54% TT return before decay)
[Formula: retturn in % = (loot/ammo)*100]
Loot - Total Expenses = 49.90 - 50.37 = -0.47 PED (99.07% TT return after decay)
(Formula: retturn in % = (loot/total expenses)*100)

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