Saturday, May 21, 2011

Killing 287 Daikiba for the Iron Challenge with the TT Powerfist Castorian EnKnuckles-A close to Port Atlantis on Calypso

I finally finished my goal to hunt Daikiba with every TT weapon. The last hunt today was with Castorian EnKnuckles-A. I did all hunts with all TT weapons maxed on damage, but not on hit (only opalo is maxed at both). I will redo them when I max all TT weapons on both damage and hit.
My next goal is to max Breer M4a (L) at Ranged Laser (Dmg): 15 and the goal after that is to unlock the hidden skill Ranged Damage Assessment at Ranged Laser (Dmg): 18.
Today I killed 287 Daikiba. I was at 2880/5000 that morning and after that hunt I was at 3167/5000. Got 86.36% TT return and two Daikiba skulls.
Hunt details:
Date: 15 of April 2011
Duration: 2 hours
VU: 11.9.3
Place: Planet Calypso, Eudoria, close to South Swamp Camp, closest teleport Port Atlantis Mall
Land Tax: 0%
Coordinates: 62924, 75272, 119
Team or Solo: Solo
Creature(s): Daikiba (Killed: 287)
Maturity: Young to Old
Agility: 46
Health: 101
Intelligence: 30
Psyche: 40
Stamina: 2
Strength: 29
Laser Sniper (Hit): 18
Ranged Laser (Dmg): 14
Laser Pistoleer (Hit): 9
BLP Sniper (Hit): 15
Ranged BLP (Dmg): 9
BLP Pistoleer (Hit): 6
Paramedic: 6
Electro Kinetic (Dmg): 12
Electro Kinetic (Hit): 10
Cryogenic (Dmg): 10
Cryogenic (Hit): 8
Biotropic: 4
Evader: 5
Dodger: 2
1.Castorian EnKnuckles-A; MAXED DAMAGE; Attacks per minute: 69/74; Damage: 3-6/3-6; Damage per second: 7.4; Durability: Good
Weapon Amplifier: none; Weapon Attachments: none; Weapon Enhancers: none
Clothes: Rage Pants (M,C); Urban Pattern Shirt (M,C); Mannell Shoes (M,C); Gullaldr Shades (M);
Armor: NO
Medical Tools: Vivo T10 (L); SIB: No; Heal interval: 18.8-25/18.8-25; Uses per minute: 19/20
Support: Teleportation Chip I; Teleportation Chip II; Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L); Valkyrie Mk1 (C,L); Jormungand Mk1 (C,L)
Loot TT Value: 46.11 PED
Ammo spent: 0 PED
Weapon: 49.50 PED (3 x Castorian EnKnuckles-A)
Armor decay: 0 PED
Medical kit: 3.89 PED
Total expenses: 49.50 + 0 + 3.89 = 53.39 PED
Loot - Total Expenses = 46.11 - 53.39 = -7.28 PED (86.36% TT return after decay)
(Formula: retturn in % = (loot/total expenses)*100)

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