Sunday, October 23, 2016

Colonist Jumpsuits Mission Walkthrough

Colonist Jumpsuits Mission Walkthrough

Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage I - Green

1)Kill 15 Creatures

Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage II - Blue

1)Reach Proffesional Level 1
2)Earn 300 Sabakuma Killpoints

30k Shrapnel for new set
30k Shrapnel + 5 Wool Cloth for new set + old set (15 Wool refines to 5 Wool Cloth)

Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage III - Military Green

1)Reach 90 Health Points
2)Visit Fort Argus PVP Zone

100k Shrapnel for new set
100k Shrapnel + 35 Soft Leather for new set + old set (105 Soft Hide refines to 35 Soft Leather)

Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage IV - Red

1)Reach Proffesional Level 10

2k Animal Muscle Oil for new set
2k Animal Muscle Oil + 6k Animal Oil Residue for new set + old set

Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage V - Gray

1)Reach 100 Health Points

5k Animal Eye Oil for new set
5k Animal Eye Oil + 2,5k Animal Thyroid Oil for new set + old set

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