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ComPet: Battle

ComPet: Behind The Game

#5 Battle

Here’s a quick overview of battling in ComPet.


There are certain attributes that will affect how your pet performs in battle:


When it reaches zero you lose the match!

Mana and the Mojo Attribute:

All abilities have a required Mana cost. If you run out of Mana you cannot use any abilities until it is regenerated, so it's vital to ensure your Mana pool is replenished! How? By increasing your Mojo: it is the Mojo attribute that determines how much Mana your pet regains every round. Mojo also increases the Pets' chance to avoid stun and other debuffs.

In addition, the amount of Mana a pet has is determined by its Pet Class


Gives you a better chance to gain initiative (a higher initiative means you have a higher chance to go first in the round). Also, Ferocity increases your chance of scoring a critical hit from a physical attack.


How long your pet can fight with full vigor. Ferocity increases your chance to avoid critical hits from physical attacks. It goes down one point every round. When it's zero your pet is fatigued: he can still fight but will take automatic damage due to exhaustion!

Preparing for Battle

There are various things to consider when equipping your pet with abilities. For instance the “Bite” ability causes instant damage, whilst the “Poison” ability inflicts damage over time and zero instant damage. Also, different abilities have different ‘cooldown periods’: the minimum number of rounds the player must wait after using an ability before using it again.


At the bottom of the screen is a list of all the abilities you have equipped. You can hover over the ability tooltip to display its mana cost, description and cooldown period: this helps you decide which ability to use. You can see what abilities you have already used and when you used them via the tooltips on the right hand side.

Some attacks affect pets for a number of rounds. These details are displayed on tooltips underneath the pet’s attribute levels.

Types of Battle: Arena, Raid and Beast

Arena Battle:

To begin an Arena Battle against other players you must first have a Battlepack. Battlepacks represent the value that pets bring with them into Arena battles.

You can choose between ‘Premium’ Battlepacks or ‘Basic’ Battlepacks, the difference being that ‘Premium’ Battlepacks represent real monetary value. The winner of the Arena Battle gets part of the value of the loser’s Battlepack!

When you enter the Arena you can only play against those who have the same kind of Battlepack. However, the value of the Battlepacks can differ.

The system automatically pits you against players who are approximately on the same Pet Level (no more than 2 levels up and no less than 2 levels below). The system will also try to match you with someone with a similar number of Ranking Points (if you win a match you gain ranking points and if you lose a match and you lose ranking points).

Raid Battle:

Raid Battles are when you battle another player’s AI pet when they themselves are offline. If you win a raid you can take some of the other player’s gold, but the amount of gold you win depends on how much health you have left after the battle. Lose health in the battle and you’ll win less gold!

You can protect yourself from raids by placing Guard Pets. Guard Pets can be placed at the Residence or at Vaults and Goldmines

Placing a Guard Pet at the Residence means another player must battle this guard when they raid you. If they win they get to raid your gold stores!

Placing Guard Pets at Vaults and Goldmines decreases the amount that can be stolen by another player if they manage to beat the guard you set at the Residence.

Beast Battle:

Beast battles are when you battle the AI in the Forest. This is a great way to gain experience points and gold!

In the forest you also have a chance to defeat and thereby gain rare pets for your collection!

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