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ComPet: Behind The Game - Backstory

ComPet: Behind The Game

#2 Backstory

The action of ComPet takes place in a magical land where pets are not just 'pets'. They have awesome magical powers and incredible physical abilities.

Your uncle - Lord Atherton - lives in this strange place. He’s called you to a meeting but was very vague about the reason. Something about taking a job and the fact he wasn’t getting any younger.

You knock on the door of his study and enter, curious to know more…


“Welcome, welcome! Good to see you! How’s my favourite relative eh?

Glad you’re taking over. To be honest I’m getting a bit too old for things, you understand. Time to leave it all to the youngsters!”

[You stare at him, totally surprised]

“You want to know a bit more about the job? Of course!

It was jolly marvellous being a wealthy Lord and a man of leisure. A nice paper in the morning. Fine dining. Brandy and smoking jackets in the evening. A fine leather armchair and dozing by the fire.

The other Lords and I used to go out hunting and fishing together. It was capital!

But after a while it all became rather...dull.

We needed a new challenge, you see. Something to liven things up a bit. Perhaps a little competition...

Naturally, as Lords of considerable estates we had stables full of pets. And then we thought ‘that’s it, by jove! Why not compete with our animals?’ ComPet, we called it.

And then we thought, while we’re at it, why not up the stakes a little? A little wager here and there...

Well, naturally it soon got out of hand. Some of us even started sending our pets to attack our opponents’ estates would you believe! Of course, it wasn’t me who started it...

Or perhaps it was. I forget now...

At any rate, as my estates manager and animal trainer I expect you to train my animals and use them to defend my holdings. And more than that, I expect you to win!

You’ll need perseverance and cunning to succeed. Those Lords are a devious lot!

So there you go.

Good luck with it all! I’m sure you’ll give ‘em a damn good thrashing!

Now, where did I put that Brandy…?”

You walk out of your uncle’s study in a daze. Taking over? Becoming his estates manager and animal trainer? You’re sure he didn’t mention any of this before! What is the crazy old man thinking? Well, you’re unemployed so perhaps this is just what you need, but maybe you should go back in and ask abo—

You suddenly notice that a smiling young woman with a clipboard is standing right in front of you.


“So your Lord Atherton’s nephew/niece? Pleased to meet you. I’m Olivia, Lord Atherton’s assistant.

I must say I’m so glad to see you! It’s been a tad hectic around here after Lord Atherton retired. I’ve had to manage everything on my own. But now you’re here!

How did it get to this stage, I suppose you’re wondering?

I suppose it started out as a mere trifle, an amusement amongst the local Lords. A bit like cards or dominos, you might say.

Recently though, the game has gotten rather...dangerous.

I hope you’ll forgive me for saying so, but Lord Atherton was always the ringleader in the group! He egged them on, no doubt about it. ‘Higher stakes, more fun’ was his motto! Before anyone knew what was happening whole estates were being destroyed in ComPet!

And here we are. Mustn’t complain though! This is a grand estate: the Athertons have been here for generations. Did you know your great grandfather once invented The Flying Gurglestroople? What a brilliant mind!

Anyway, now we’ve gotten acquainted let’s get down to business…”

It seems you’re on this adventure, whether you like it or not!

After a moment of thought, you decide you like it.

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