Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ComPet Bulletin 6

We are currently testing the stability of the battle system. Here's a screenshot of the prototype in action!

Please note that this is a prototype built for game design and testing purposes only. It does not represent what the final product will look like. Any and all graphics shown are subject to change.

The picture shows a pet battle in full swing.

The two players take turns choosing what ability their pet will use next. The key to success in battle is to manage your pet’s health, mana, stamina, abilities and cooldowns in order to overcome your opponent. Just before the battle begins, you choose your ability set and apply buffs to your pet in order to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy and play style.

In the final product your pet will battle in vibrant environments, and have a vast amount of different abilities to choose from, which will cater to all play styles and strategies.

The pet battle is just one of many aspects of ComPet. Stay tuned for more updates and info as ComPet develops!

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