Thursday, April 16, 2015

You and your Pet photo competition

Grab your camera!

Entropia Universe is excited to present the “You and Your Pet” photo contest! With all the different pets now available in Entropia Universe it’s time to showcase your pets to the community.

Nice prizes in form of rare pets will be awarded to 4 winners!

Contest Dates:

The contest starts Friday, April 17 and ends on Sunday, April 26, 23.59 UTC. Entries should be submitted to before the end date.


Take a screenshot of your avatar and your pet, one entry per participant is allowed. Images must be an in-game screenshot from Entropia Universe. The top 4 entries will be selected based on creativity and overall aesthetics.


  • 1st Prize, Epic Hogglo Pygmy Pet
  • 2nd Prize, Epic Ruby Chirin Dragon
  • 3rd Prize, Epic Eudorian Ruby Devil
  • 4th Prize, Epic Corinthian Ruby Kanin

Rules and Notes:

  • The in-game screenshot must be from Entropia Universe
  • Your avatar and pet must be visible in the image.
  • Image editing is allowed (e.g. photoshop, gimp etc).
  • Be sure to include your full Entropia Universe avatar name in the submission email.
  • Limit of one entry per avatar account.
  • Each attached image should be no larger than 8 megabytes in file size
  • Files should non-animated, and in common format, e.g. jpeg, png, gif, etc.
  • General Graphics Quality Settings on at least “High”
  • Minimum image resolution - 1280x800
  • Participants agree that the submitted image and the participant’s full avatar name may be used by MindArk for marketing purposes related to Entropia Universe.

How to take part in the competetion

To take part in the competition send your full avatar name and your screenshot before the submission deadline

More info about Pets and the Entropia taming system

An introduction to taming is available at the site.

Also see the user contributed site

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