Thursday, October 16, 2014

VU15 and Monria Content Releases



two new Shub boss mobs have made an apperance
Shub-Niggurath boss mob has returned
Yog-Sothoth has appeared in the caves
a 7 ped one way teleport from Monria to Calypso has been added
A new mob Yog Broodmother was spotted. This mob is ideal for sweating.
The missing chapters mission gives a reward. The players who have already completed this mission and didn't get a reward will get one retroactively.
A new teleport and revival terminal has been added in the Shub cave. The teleport is located at [35600, 20045, 92]


Some mob spawns have been adjusted


Hub shops have been fixed.
The display window bug that affected some tower shops has been fixed.

Special Notes

More content changes are expected in the next mini-VU.
Both Ancient and Calypso type pets can be used on Monria.

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