Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.3

Planet Toulan Release 14.3
October 15th 2014

New Content:

Introducing Toulan's first pet, all hail the mighty :

Tabtab Puny

Warning : Tabtab pet owners have reported repeatedly finding Tabtab inside kitchen cupboards with no food left anywhere around, keep at your house at your own risk.

New Lootable Armors :


New Mining Minerals :

Yashib Stone
Qaz Worm
Sunburst Stone
Maro Stone

New Blueprints for Melee Weapons Lines :

Sword Samm

Sword Thaqafa

New Blueprints for Garments :

Fisherman Shorts (M)
Adrees Shoes (F)

New Texture Blueprints :

Bahri Texture
Caboria Texture
Dahhar Texture
Jeef Zajer Texture

New Mob Hide that can be refined into leather from mobs :

Bahri , Caboria, Dahhar, Jeef Zajer

New Trade Terminal Items :
New TT Armors, Weapons and Tools with matching unified TT stats across all planets.


Garments BP names now result with correct Garment item name.
Fixed Jaish Boots Blueprint recipe with now all ingredients available.
Fixed Garments :

  • Sahari Pleat
  • Labibah Coat
  • Elder Coat
  • Wazir Pleat

Known Issues:

Tabtab pet may cause the 64-bit Client to crash on Windows 8. Using the 32-bit client avoids the problem.

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