Monday, April 14, 2014

AxeMurderer Import – Taking over the galaxy

I have a grand plan to take over the galaxy in the next 2-3 years. Now I have just one shop on Calypso, but my plan is to get one shop for every planet in Entropia Universe and make every shop sell goods from just one planet. Now I have one shop where I sell goods from Calypso. My next step will be to buy shop and stock it with items only from planet Arkadia - since it looks like the second biggest economy after planet Calypso. My third shop will probably sell only gear from planet Rocktropia, I know there are some crafters. Next in line will be planet Cyrene shop, and then planet Toulan shop. And when new planet is introduced I will buy another shop and fill it with goods from that planet.

To fill the shops with good crafted items I will try to work with 2 crafters from every planet. At the beginning I won’t be able to give any collateral to the crafters for their items, so they will have to just give me the items and get their PEDs when the item is sold and I will keep 1-2 PEDs from the profit. They will give me the items when I visit their home planet or when they visit Calypso.

So if you are crafting non-Calypsian goods and like my terms message me to work together. It will be more work than just selling your crafted goods on the auction, but it will be more fun and hopefully more profitable. I think that working with only 2 crafters from every planet is good idea. More and I will be doing too much work and there is chance that different crafters will craft same items. Just 1 and if he is not active enough shop will be empty.

This is my idea for now; it will be improved with time. If I can buy new shop every 6 months and then slowly fill it with items the next 3 months I think 3 years will be enough to achieve my goal.

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