Friday, March 14, 2014

Planet Cyrene March VU Preview

Hey guys!
Once again back to talk about many of the upcoming changes happening in the next VU for Planet Cyrene. For this VU we decided to work towards getting many of the bugs resolved as well as improving FPS overall on the planet, while still adding some new content.

The first thing I'd like to mention are the Proving Ground Coat of Arms and the Coat of the Proving Grounds. While they are time consuming and hard to obtain the rewards are special and tailored for players who are fully invested in Planet Cyrene. Since we already had one of these coats unlocked the options for them are now in place for both PvP and PvE with more to come in the Mini Patch.

Now, I know that everyone loves the Ranked weapons we have on Planet Cyrene, although they are a bit more...rare. To alleviate this item gap, we'll be introducing Marked weapons, similar to Ranked weapons except they will be Limited. We're also tagging all Ranked items as rare discoveries to really show how special they are.

We'll also be addressing the problem with the blueprint recipes, but, before we revamp what components are used we will instead work on making sure the right amount of crafting materials are dropping correctly. Currently many items are difficult to craft due to the fact that it is very difficult to collect enough of * insert crafting component * to do multiple clicks that many crafters favor. It is our hope that this change helps get crafting off the ground and more available here on Cyrene. This also goes double for mining finds as well, we will be making sure that Cyrene specific minerals are more prevalent.

Many of the areas that people pointed out to us that gave them unnecessaryamounts of lag have been improved, the main areas are:

  • Garvers / Empis Wasp location
  • A.R.C.` Camp Gamma / Ultimate n00b Challenge location
  • Zeladoth Forest / Aerial Base Outskirts location

As well as reduced and/or removed procedural vegetation on Planet Cyrene as a whole to help improve overall playability.

(Base Camp Gamma)

The Proving Grounds have also undergone the same FPS improvements as well as cosmetic enhancements to feel more cohesive. The Reward Token (Lime Green) spawns have been adjusted to make sure no tokens are falling through the cracks. The gaps in the fence that players could jump over are also now blocked. The basement of the Proving Grounds is now reopened again.

(New Proving Grounds)

There are many upcoming changes planned for Planet Cyrene as well.

Many of the Imperium and Zyn'Kimbro Token vendors are STILL not active, we wanted to get these token vendors activated but it looks as though it will not be possible for this VU. To make sure it's possible for the next VU we will need to change the TT value of both of these tokens. Similar to how we changed the Imperium Key Cubes.

We wanted to give ample time for players with these token currencies to make sure that for the next VU (not the March VU). By doing this, we will be able to not only open all the token vendors, but offer better items as well. We will also have to adjust some of the token earning missions to be in line with the new TT value but it will be worth it.

There are more things happening in this VU as well, new missions, new items, new event spawns and more! I hope this gives everyone a good preview as to what will be happening on Planet Cyrene in this coming VU. We'll hope to see you on Planet Cyrene after the next VU.


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