Saturday, July 27, 2013

Unknown to me Avatar Summon me in LOOTABLE PVP Space

I am hunting Caraboks on Planet Arkadia and I got the message "you are being added to the guestlist of Starfinder XXXII by windy". I don't know or talked to that avatar and he/she add me to vehicle guest list of Starfinder XXXII. As I understand that avatar is a pirate. Few minutes later Ozoner tries to summon me 4 times in a row on Starfinder XXXII.
If you are new player may be you are wondering what the hell is the problem. The hell is that when I am hunting I am caring the loot in me and no one can take it from me. But if I click that green button accidentally accepting the summon to spaceship invitation I will instantly be teleported to that spaceship where if I get killed in space, the killer will steal (loot) all my loot.
I can't be sure if the dude is scamer or not. All I can do is make this blog post, make forum post and send ticket to Entropia Support showing this screenshot.

Than I teleported to town to put my loot in storage and stop hunting because I know they will continue. I closed those 4 windows and  soon I got 8 more summons.

I guess that means no more hunting or mining or crafting for me :(

And I am not the only one hey tried to steal from. Apparently there were multiple attempts to scam people just yesterday.

Read more at Planet Calypso Forum:

MindArk responce on 6 of August 2013:

"Known Issue: Spaceship Summoning An issue has been reported by many participants relating to abuse of the spaceship guestlist and summoning systems. We would like to reassure everyone that MindArk's support and development teams are aware of the issue, and it will be addressed in the next release. Until such time, any participant found using the guestlist/summon system to loot other participants risks sanctions being taken against their Entropia Universe account, including temporary or permanent account termination depending on the severity of abuse. We appreciate your patience while we work to improve the spaceship guestlist and summoning systems."

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  1. a friend of mine experinced this too , unfortunetly misclicked...and wasnt alone ...

    cost was only 7ped for TP back to planet

    2013-07-27 18:43:27 Local You were added to the guest list of the Vega Class Privateer managed by Windy.
    2013-07-27 18:50:38 Local Windy Windy Ozoner defeated 14 others in a row before succumbing! A record has been added

    Thx to Chat.log ultimate source for supportcases


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