Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Diablo Style Itemization Coming to Armor Shops Near You

May be one big change in Entropia Universe that most of you probably missed is the new armors with "Equip Effect". There was no announcement from game developers, but it is significant change that will probably change most game tutorial, advises how to play eco(nomicaly), calculation and uber armor prices.
It is not known how many and what type of "bonuses" will be introduced, but so far there was discovery for Deathbringer's Crown from one of the biggest miners inside Entropia Universe made ironically while hunting mob inside the new Calypso Cyclops Depths instance.

Equip effect type: Focused Blow.
Strength: 1 percentage point.
Or with normal words this helmet improves critical hit with 1%.

Also there are some helmets that give you more speed for most things you do - like shooting, mining, sweating. They are limited so far, but we can expect even more and new Equip effects and items.

Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (L)
Flimsy Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (L)
Superior Thorifoid Berserker's Helm

For everyone who did not hear about them yet - they add permanent buff effect when equiped:
+3% reload time and -50% hp regeneration for Flimsy version and
+5% reload time and -100% hp regeneration for normal and superior (unlimited) version

May be we will see items like in Diablo armor that gives you more HP or more strength, intelligence or other skill or attribute. Probably even 10% chance to do some Mindforce attack on the mobs around you when you are hit. 5% running speed increase. 15% less damage from robots. 20% more damage to undead. 30% more loot. Ok, this one was a joke, but you got my point. Possibilities are endless and may be the new items are already in the loot you just have to go out there (in here) and take the chance of looting them.


  1. BE WARNED -- entropiapartners.com has NO RELATION to MondArk, planet partners or official content to Entropia Universe.

  2. Oh wow, these entropia partner people spam everything... but yes, you can earn a few pec...but in the meantime, you will spend a LOT more just on electricity...

  3. It might have been a joke, but Dablo-style item costumizations might actually be a great ideea to stimulate EU's economy.
    MindArk knew exactly what they were doing with the new tokens (RIP Chug, you traitorous hawker of stolen CDF UL Vehicles you)
    I would very-much like to see in in-depth analysis of that new Earth Shock armor and how it affects Eco ...seeing as how i won't be able to afford it any time soon >.>
    Maybe even one of those CDF scopes that will be awarded as MM prizes this year, if you can get your hands on one.


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