Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting paid in Entropia Universe

First I want to say that yesterday I unlocked the hidden skill Blueprint Comprehension. Everyone was saying that you have to unlock it before you start crafting seriously, but I don’t think that now I will be able to craft more things than before. At least I hope crafting will be little cheaper now.

I did it by repairing mothership for a week or two and just before that I got paid 9 PED for my ‘work’ in the ship. And that made me think for the different things I got paid while playing Entropia Universe. The day before that someone in Twin Peaks asked what is the name of a band playing I answered and got 10 PED for it. On planet Arkadia I got paid for gathering Oro for someone to shoot them with rocket launcher. I got paid for writing about Entropia Universe on Metaverse Tribune. I got paid for my sweat. I have found also different items laying on the ground or some roof. A remember finding armor part and ore finder on Rocktropia. And many blueprint around planet Calypso. Got few items by running faster than others on some event on Rocktropia. Also on Rocktropia got free ammo and gun to shoot big creature as supporting shooter. May be not paid in peds, but got paid in the skills I acquired.

Probably I am forgetting something, but there are also other ways to get paid, that I still didn’t use. Some because I didn’t have the skills, for others lack of time. Getting paid to heal someone, or work as a taxi from planet to planet. And you probably know about coloring or texturing or hairstyling or body changing for peds. I am also trying to provide some jobs in this Universe for working people like paying to my disciples or paying for some jobs in my society.

I’m sure soon there will be more and new stuff to do and get paid, because this is not a MMO. I would say this is Virtual Universe with elements of MMO. The game is just part of Entropia Universe. For some of the new jobs you will need skills, for other time or brain or connections or reputation. Just be ready and wait for your opportunity to become the first or may be the second virtual millionaire.

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