Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Planet Cyrene March 2013 Version Update Preview

Here is a message from Kris, the lead designer of Planet Cyrene about the upcomming version update.


It's me, Kris, I'm the lead designer of Planet Cyrene (/wave). Admin (Peter) contacted me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I could share some info about the upcoming March VU for Planet Cyrene, so without further ado...the info!

There are some major things happening in this VU, one of the biggest (and first of it's kind of change on Cyrene) is the first dynamic upgrade has been unlocked! Players have helped Requisions Officer Wilco and the Lt. Johnson (as well as killing creatures in the nearby area) enough to warrant an improvement. Not only has the base been fortified and given that terminal upgrade it desperately needed! Not to mention that new missions have been unlocked to help further additional skill increases for all players.
I'd like to point out that some people have asked, “Which areas are dynamic and which aren't?” and there isn't an area that is not dynamic, it is based on what the players do as far as hunting, questing, and playing in general. If we see one area continue to be neglected, then those monsters may migrate somewhere else or even evolve and become more difficult and over run more land. If nobody visits a certain base, that base may become over run or become rundown. The players will shape the layout of Cyrene based on their interests.

The next major update in the VU is the fact that a major storyline character as been added: Zora Winters, the people who have read any of the MS9 Cyrene Adventures will recognize this character as the leader of A.R.C. She'll start you on the first part of the “Epic Quest” to win the favor of the Zyn'Kimbro tribe to help A.R.C. fight back against the Imperium. She's in the A.R.C. Head Quarters next to her custom Fenris Armor. It won't be easy to win over the Zyn'Kimbro, and you'll need more than their help to stand a chance against the Imperium.
Another thing coming in this VU is a new set of component blueprints from the Trade Terminal. These blueprints use the very basic materials from Cyrene: Lysterium Stone, Crude Oil, Yellow Crystal, and Zorn Star Ore. Crafted in different ways into Imperium Cube Components 1 – 5, these cubes are then refined into 1 Imperium Cube.

Players can then take 3 Imperium Cubes and some Imperium Tokens to create an Imperium Key Cube. The Imperium Key Cube is used in many different things: from part of the epic quest chain, to an unreleased Cyrene instance and future quests! The idea behind these components is to give new players and miners something they can get easily which is needed by higher level players for many different things.
The last thing I'll touch on is in this VU we've rebalanced the majority of blueprints and increased the size and density of the mining areas. We know that economy is huge part of Entropia Universe and we're trying to get ours up to speed. We are still actively tweaking the loot lists as well trying to get the right balance (with help from our partners at MindArk). Not to mention squishing any bugs that come up and addressing problems and complaints from the community. (Insert shameless plug for CyreneForum bug report thread here).

I hope this shines some light on Cyrene and and gets people excited for the next VU for Cyrene! If there is interest enough for me to come and share current development of Cyrene again I'd be more than happy to.


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