Monday, May 30, 2011

Job in Entropia Universe - Runner, Tagger

I was hunting Oro trying to see if I can hunt them without armor or fap decay. It seems Oro don't ever miss when they attack you, but I can walk backwards faster than they come to me, so if you are carefull you can hunt them without ever beeng hit and save peds for armor repair and healing. At least if you hunt level 7 or lower maturity.
When I was hunting I got offer for a job. The job of runner or tagger. The job is that I have to run and shoot 1 time few creatures - 8-10, but sometimes I even colected 20 at one time. When the creatures started folowing me I run in such way to make them get all in one place and then the employer shoot them with Rocket Launcher to minimize the losses from the overkill.
The salary was 50 PED per hour which I think was enought to cover my expenses. I used the Musca armor which offers low protection and I died few times, but the decay bill was probably around 10-20 PED. Probably 2-3 PED for healing and around 10-20 PED for ammonition. I also got some minimal loot. In the end I was around 20 PED profit, got small loot and gain some skills, especialy Evade.
The hard part here is to find such job and make sure that the employer wont try to trick you. It is always good if you work for someone that you know or have good reputation.
Also use low level armor (of course that depends on the mob)  and weak gun with long range.

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