Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ancient Greece shares information

When will shares be available?

3/10/2020 12:00 UTC

Where are the shares being sold from?
David Post's Next Island LLC

How long will shares be available without resale to other Entropians?
6 months

Why has Next Island not provided income for Ancient Greece with the release to justify investment?
Ancient Greece is a speculative investment, based on the potential of the region and the development that has preceded it.

We are not selling at X% revenue share, we are selling a share in what could be so much more. Next Island aims to grow the Entropia Platform from it’s position as planet partners were intended.

Those that support the sale of Ancient Greece understand that existent profit of shares is not a requirement, and instead are willing to stake their claim on something that has more potential and will ultimately garner a larger return on investment due to their faith in the potential of an environment they wish to see succeed.

Who is offering the Ancient Greece asset for sale?
David Post, the owner and visionary mind behind Next Island and Ancient Greece.

When will Ancient Greece shares be available for sale to the general public?
The planned date of release is March 10th, estimated access to Ancient Greece shares is anticipated at 12:00 UTC of the release date.

1. As the Gorgon Armor seems to be the central item of interest which will bring people from across the universe, it would make sense to provide more information about how these armors can be obtained. The stats are genuinely awesome but

a. Will they be tradeable?
Yes the armors will be tradeble at every stage

c. Drop rate of components I am pretty sure you cannot tell us but how about relatively rarity of getting the various sets.

It will become increasingly difficult to obtain a higher set of armor, however since this is the first time we have experience with this type of armor creation type it's hard to speculate right now how rare it will be.

3. ROI?
ROI cannot be applied in good faith as Ancient Greece has been completely rebuilt with regard to primary revenue driving activities including hunting, mining and crafting. Assessment of potential should be based on investors looking into the activities and assets that have been released in the 3/10 VU, and the revenue potential of those assets and activities.

4. Is the area going to be taxed?
No taxed area

5. Is there a scope for NI to be moved closer to Calypso?
It hasn't been discussed to my knowledge whether NI might be moved closer to Calypso or not (if that is possible). About moving Calypso to the center, that is something to ask MindArk.

6. Lastly, but most importantly what is the timeline?
Timeline for implementation, aside from the plot system everything else is live right now.

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