Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Future Plans 2017 Edition

Just shooting and mining in Entropia Universe is fun, but what I find unique is the unlimited opportunities and choices you have. So why limit yourself just as hunter or miner. And what you can’t find in another game is that you can choose and develop your own small business inside this universe. Even if you don’t make much profit you will learn a lot about real life business. Like with demo Forex account you can learn trading here you can learn how to run small business. One way to describe Entropia Universe is “Business Simulator” with little shooting and mining from time to time.

So my long term goals are to run different businesses inside Entropia Universe. I am waiting for MindArk to release more Land Plots so I can buy 2 by the end of 2017. Also I am hoping for at least 1 more choice beside the garden, so I can make 1 garden and 1 factory or something. MA said there will be also possibility to make the big land plots like a shop, but I guess it will be better to just buy a shop.

And indeed after I manage to get my hands on 2 big land plots I will buy 2-3 shops. So far I have ideas for 3-4 shops, but this time I won’t make it like my last shops where I was selling everything I have. I will make them specialized shops with only 1 type of items in every shop. The focus will not be on the profit, but to make shops look good and make people come regularly and buy stuff. If you see my previous years future plans you will see that I was planning to have shops by now, but MA introduced Land Plots and now I am saving for 2. If I buy shops now I won’t have enough resources to get 2 big Land Plots.

The next big step for me will be getting my hands on land area on some planet. LAs are very expensive and I will probably have to wait few years to achieve that goal but it will happen someday.

In addition to all this I am thinking of some kind of business like real estate trading. It is not the same as real life because you don’t actually need to sleep in Entropia Universe and it is harder to make people to buy a home or a shop, but other than that real life principles of supply and demand apply. I am also considering a place where people will pay just to hangout and running some kind of investment fund like Toni Chiee Lahderinne , Divinity Deth Undefined and Sir Matt Copping , but this will be too much work so I prefer to do all business with just my money for now.

And as always there are plans for better YouTube channel but here the only resource that is limiting me is the free time. It seems you can buy the latest NVIDIA graphic card but you can’t buy free time. So this plan is postponed for another 2 to 4 years.

My short term plans are simple. I will go to Planet Arkadia to upgrade my Viceroy Armor. Also I will do some mining and try the new instances if they are not bugged. It seems Planet Arkadia is doing very well from all planet partners, but I am not a big fan of the military theme they are going for.

What is getting my attention is Planet Cyrene with the different factions, world events, inverted pyramids, skylab and probably the best models in the game. I was angry at them for not launching for 6 years. It takes 4-5 years to make a game, but here you have the code, you are just making the models and design some missions, you are not making the game engine. But after a year of meditation I decided to forgive them and go play on Cyrene even if they are not showing signs to be alive. In the end the more people play there the faster the planet will grow and this is what I want. Just for now I am not going to invest in estates there until the promised hard launch at least. I will just play for the fun.

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