Thursday, January 26, 2017

ComPet Release Schedule and Prioritisation

ComPet Release Schedule and Prioritisation

Cross-platform Trading
A major part of ComPet concept is the “cross-platform” trading aspect that makes ComPet so unique. This feature is currently in development both in Entropia Universe and ComPet. Until this feature has been fully implemented, it is not economically practical to engage in our planned full- scale marketing campaign to promote ComPet.

iOS Release
Release of ComPet on iOS is in its final phase and should be available shortly.

Affiliate/Referral System
Together with the upcoming marketing campaign, an affiliate/referral system will be available for ComPet account holders to promote ComPet themselves. This is another important stage to complete in order to maximise the impact of ComPet marketing.

Language Support
It is essential for us to add additional language support for our worldwide users.

eSports and Tournaments
Tournament and eSports functionality is currently in development which should widen the audience and appeal of ComPet.

Additional Development
Here are some additional key development tasks that must be implemented in order to create an exciting worldwide battle app game with cross-platform trading connected to the Entropia Universe real-cash economy:

General conversion and retention optimization
Daily tasks/missions
Discounts and offers
Trinkets/buff items
Balance fine tuning

ComPet Revenue System
The revenue payment system will be implemented after the most important of the tasks detailed above have been completed and their associated processes are working correctly. Deed revenues are currently being accumulated and payments will begin once ComPet is fully functional.

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