Friday, January 27, 2017

Arkadia Firebird Limited Edition Sales

Arkadia Firebird Limited Edition Sales

Planet Arkadia will be auctioning off 20 new high-performance dropships. These dropships are a new addition to interplanetary transportation at the speed of light.

These 2 seater Firebird Limited Edition are equipped with all the tech required to explore every corner of known space. Fitted with an unlimited thruster, getting off any planet will be done with ease and once off, getting to your destination can be done with simplicity with its own attached unlimited warp drive.

With this ship, space travel can now be done in style and when stationed, you will not only draw attention but demand respect.

Auctions for the Firebird Limited Edition ships will begin 27th January 2017, with opening bids of 50,000 ped (5,000 USD). Bidding competitions are expected to be fierce with only one ship released each week.

To see all info regarding the Firebird Limited Edition and take part in the auctions, login to Entropia Universe using the full 3D PC-client and contact any auctioneer. You can also use the Android app Virtual Tycoon to access the auction.

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