Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ROCKTROPIA VU Oct 4th 2016

ROCKTROPIA Crime Wave! Headline News Oct 4th 2016

Crime Wave Hits ROCKtropia!
A New development of Luxury Land plots in the hills overlooking the City of Dreams has sparked a planet wide crime wave on ROCKtropia as renegade VR Pioneers stoop to breaking, entering and GTA to steal ROCKbucks to acquire the new gardening ready land.

AI rebellion!
To escape the lawlessness of the main land, Vixen industries New Waterproof Android Video Vixens have fled on Wet skis to Playa Del Harlem and established a new outdoor club scene.

Clubbers are advised to bring their record collections to kick the party into high gear

Scared Stone Cold Sober!

Herbaly medicated Avatars jonezing for Monster Tires and Wetski parts were scared stone cold sober this weekend when The Bosses of “Bozos Chop Shop” and “Gas and Go Docks” reportedly upgraded their firepower after both garages were hit hard by the crime Spree.

The Scared shitless avatars who had been burglarizing the chop shops were seen to be equipped with new crafted, colored and textured California FAPs and were wielding newly discovered crafted chainsaws.

ROCKtropia Cops equipped with Firearms!

RT Cops are now armed with pistols to combat the rise in vehicle break ins, as desperate ROCKropians pillage glove boxes for ROCKbucks. Police However have failed to curb the rise in crime as thieves have been able to dodge authorities by exploiting a new monetized fast TP system currently being tested by The President of Virtual Reality introduced as part of his Billion Jobs in VR initiative.

Demand for ROCKtropia Housing continues to soar!

Despite the crime wave ROCKtropia immigration is at an all time high, to meet the demand a New Apartment Complex has been completed in Tangerine to provide upscale accommodation.

Lovers of Haters and Horny little Devils Get Lucky!

New Missions to discover!!!

Plus Fixes Galore including

Fixed fields of Trucker Hats for coloring and texturing.
Returned Spawns to Old Harlem
adjusted L naming convention on BP’s
Separated Hendrix Spawn from Turret
Fixed Clarice Mission
Storm Drake Mission at Champions Park
Mystery Keys at Champions Park
and Many More

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