Wednesday, October 5, 2016



Settlement Update
Added Hestia Plot city southwest, west of Zychion. Its teleporter is visible to everyone.
Added Fort Lahar, with Fort Incursions, near the previous location of Fort Isis.
As with previous Fort Incursions, there is a robot spawn nearby which will trigger a pre-event when enough of them have been destroyed
Removed Fort Isis, and changed parts of the nearby terrain
Removed a nearby generic outpost.
Added a mission that guides colonists from Fort Fury to Fort Lahar

Added a mission at Fort Lahar that rewards (L) armor plates.
Aggressive packs of Argonauts spotted west of Fort Fury.
Caperon spotted to north and northeast of Fort Fury.


Scaboreas Hunting Challenge Iron chain, 10 stages
Defender Hunting Challenge Iron chain, 10 stages
Imperial Guardians upgrades, visit Liaison Atwell in Fort Ithaca
Adjusted Angel Armor

Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35

A Colonist Jumpsuit mission chain rewarding Jumpsuits with new colors
The first time Shrapnel is looted after this update an info window will pop up.


Construction has been activated for Isle of Troy plot estates.
Naming structure change for all Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold hunting missions, they now follow this setup:
Hunting Challenge: Iron Atrox II
Hunting Challenge: Silver Argonaut
Renamed “Iron Challenge Terminal” to “Hunting Challenge Terminal”
Updated objectives in all Hunting Challenge missions
Added Waypoints to the “Return” objective to all relevant Hunting Challenge missions
Updated Fort Fury walls, turrets and the Teleporter have been moved inside the walls
Environment optimization and graphical updates around Fort Fury, Hestia and Fort Lahar areas
Clarified text in the mission “Allophylic Enmatters”
The Item Info text for “Robot Beacon (0110010101111010)” now describes what to do with the item
Corrected Scaboreas maturity names
In the mission “Trail to the East” you can now finish the other objectives even after arriving at Fort Fury
Polished text and objectives for the daily missions
Hiryuu Hunting Challenge Iron mission chain text now states that young and higher maturities are eligible
Updated text and objectives in the “Mermoth Blubbers” mission
Updated objectives for missions from Camp Icarus through South Swamp Camp
Updated objectives for missions from Half Moon Bay through Agir
Halloween instance optimizations
Improved spawn area
Graphical tweaks and optimizations
Corrected fire sounds
The fires now deal damage if entered
Thule overhaul
Streamlined and clarified mission texts
Updated Objectives
Thule is now much shorter, starting after the arctic area. Everything has been rearranged accordingly
Retrieving the sample from the Drill Rig now damages you and pops up a healing tutorial
Prospective Prospector now has an objective to equip the Finder
The “Valkyrie T1” vehicle is now given at Scott’s ridge due to distance changes
You can now also interact with Garcia’s body to progress the relevant mission
Flying vehicles can now only operate at low altitudes
Performance improvements

Fixed Issues
Fixed shop booth item points tracking
Fixed an issue where the control panel in in the mission “Blow Them All to Hell” could become unresponsive
Fixed a rare issue where the missions for the Argonaut Island Cave would not update properly upon exiting the cave
Fixed an issue where some daily missions weren’t given
Fixed some spawns where creatures got stuck on cliffs
Fixed an issue causing incorrect denial text at Half Moon Bay
Fixed a rare issue with avatars getting stuck in the rubble after the explosion in the “Iron Will” cave
Fixed an issue where participants in Half Moon Bay received the Camp Icarus version of the mission “Once More Into the Wild”
Fixed an exploit where participants could use the “No One Likes Frogs” mission’s teleport dialogue option as an emergency escape teleport
Corrected waypoint coordinates for the “Vault Hunter II: Three sacred sites part V” mission
All Jaguar armor pieces should now trigger rare acquisition.
Closed a hole in the terrain behind a Corinth East Beach Estate
Closed a gap where people could fall down between rocks and get stuck at the Argonaut Island cave
Gauntlet Stage 2 rewards are now available to all above level 10 for 1 run
Raised some terminals that were halfway underground at CDF OP Delta
Optimized lighting and removed rocks that one could get stuck on in the cave northwest of CDF OP Delta
Corrected some spelling errors in missions
You should no longer be able to perform surveys in the “Prospective Prospector” mission before it starts to register them
Target Drones should no longer become unreachable
You should no longer be able to get stuck in the crashed ship in Thule
Corrected the sound animation for BLP pistols

Known Issues
Under rare circumstances Aila Bukin does not respond, this also locks one out of other mission text windows. Restarting the client will correct the issue.

Monria Fixed Issues
Removed floating ReplaceMe balls
The mission “DSEC: Spawn of Shub-Niggurath V” is now repeatable
The mission “A break from the insanity” should now work properly
Fixed progression for the mission “DSEC has an eye on you” to “Get the ooze” mission
Corrected lighting in the corridors in the Apartment Towers

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