Thursday, October 6, 2016

Land Plot Update: Hestia and Isle of Troy

Land Plot Update: Hestia and Isle of Troy

Hestia Settlement: Bidding Opens Next Week...

Bidding for Land Plots on “Hestia Settlement” on Planet Calypso opens October 12, 9:00 UTC in a reverse bid auction.

The new Settlement offers 57 Land Plots located at a scenic waterfront setting near plentiful hunting grounds and the newly added Fort Lahar.

Those interested in obtaining the Plots can take part in the reverse bid auction using their existing Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs). To do this, Avatars must first interact with the Plot Terminal on the Land Plot to acquire the Estate Deed. Once acquired, an Avatar can claim the Plot using the Estate Terminal.

Isle Of Troy Settlement — Revamped!

Land Plots on "Isle of Troy Settlement" have been visually revamped to more closely resemble the high-quality look of the other Settlements.

Background and Further Information

Housebuilding on Land Plots provides a market for Composite Planks that are crafted from materials acquired in Resource Gathering. In addition, the Gardening System allows Land Plot owners that have a House within the CLD Estate System to create saleable organic goods.

To view full details on all buildable Land Plots on Planet Calypso as well as an overview of the CLD Estate System, please see the Land Plot Page.

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