Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gardening has Arrived!

Gardening has Arrived!

Entropia Universe is proud to present the new Gardening System! Those that have a house can now build Gardening Boxes and start producing goods. Further updates to the Gardening System are already being planned, so expect more content soon!

Here is a gardening guide to get you started.

Building Gardening Boxes

Each house you build adds a number of ‘Gardening Points’ to your Plot. Gardening Points define how many Gardening Boxes you can build. For instance, a basic “Omegaton Acorn” Gardening Box is 1 point. The number of Gardening Points are shown next to the green square in the Plot Management UI.

Choose Construction Mode (middle button) on the Plot Management UI, choose the Gardening Box and then “Construct”. Execute the first stage to place the Gardening Box on your plot. If you wish to move the Gardening Box after placing it, choose Logistics Mode (right button) on the Plot Management UI and then click the icon above the Gardening Box.

Once your Gardening box is placed on your Plot you need to finish building it. To do this remain in Construction Mode and click the icon over the Gardening Box. There are 3 more building stages. Click the icon over the Gardening Box to see these stages. Each stage will show the materials needed to execute that stage.

Growing Plants

Once your Gardening box is finished it’s time to start growing plants!

Choose Production Mode (left button) on the Plot Management UI and click the icon above one of the Plant Slots. This will bring up a list of available plants to grow. Select the plant you wish grow to view the materials required for the next stage. After initiating a stage you will have to wait for that stage to be completed. The waiting time is shown by a counter under the stage description. After all stages are complete you can harvest your plant and obtain the fruit!

Have a great time gardening!

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