Friday, August 19, 2016

No Man's Sky Hype and Disappointment

There is so much to say about this game, but even more about the way it was marketed, hyped, produced, implemented, delivered and received by the gamers, streamers and media that I wonder how to start this thing that I am writing. I will start with that that I have zero hours playing No Man's Sky. You think this is not big deal, but this is important. Every time I wanted to comment this game on public forums, the best as I can, saying what I think, based on my observations, not only on the gameplay, but even more on the way this game sale was handled by the publishers, developers, media and gamers there are people that jump and call me troll and hater and tell me I can’t have opinion if I didn’t buy the game. After few attempts to explain that this is not North Korea I gave up, but on my blog I can voice my opinion as much as I like. Not that I won’t get comments saying that I am troll and hater.

The Price – it’s 60$ or 60 euro or 60 something depends where you live. Most reviewers agree that the price is too high, but I don’t have problem with the price. If you compare the content in No Man’s Sky to Star Citizen it is 0,0000001%. Also this is indie game and not AAA game with enormous expenses for cut scenes, voice actors or anything. Yet they put a price as Diablo, Star Citizen or you name the most expansive game you can think of. But this is not important. As a gamer I value a game not by the expenses of the studio, but by the fun I have playing it. So I will gladly pay 60 euro if this game wasn’t so what it is and it isn’t. And if Sean Murray didn’t sold his soul to the Devil.

The Streamers and the Media – Yes, half of the reason why we ended in this overhyped and overdisappointing situation is thanks to all major gaming Media sites and every small and big Streamer fighting for one more viewer. Approximately 50% of the gamers like No Man’s Sky and 50% don’t think it is as good as marketed. So the second 50% won’t watch or read too much about No Man’s Sky. And if you say No Man’s Sky sucks, the other 50% will switch to streamer or site where No Man’s Sky is between Mona Lisa and the Pyramids. The game got over 50 awards and nomination years before it was ready from the same media that makes money from covering the game in the next 2-3 years.

Sean Murray, Sony and Consoles - No Man’s Sky have a lot of problems right now, but if it was PC only game I would buy it and hope that most of the bad decisions and bugs will be fixed, missing content will be added with free or paid DLCs. But as it is made as a console game ported to PC as it seems in the last minute with tons of stupid decisions I am sure that it will remain in the same state forever. Most bugs may be fixed, but the game will stay the same shallow experience so it can be played by a 5 year old kid with his controller. Even If Sean Murray and friends wanted to make better and deeper game Sony will not let them. There is invisible war my friend. We are all soldiers in it. The Dark Side wants to kill PC gaming because it improves the thinking possibilities of the gamers and The Resistance fight to keep PC gaming alive and not become mindless slaves of brainless console games. The war in not fair. The dark side has big corporations like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and every major gaming media. To fight back we must buy games like Star Citizen and Entropia Universe. 100% made for PC and tons of options and thinking. To fight back we must stop buying and especially stop preorder shallow console games that can be played with eyes closed and 1 button. Even Blizzard moved to the dark side making Diablo 3 brainless game so it can be played on consoles. The 60 euro/$ I have for No Man’s Sky will go to Star Citizen and help the fight against the evil.

Procedurally-generated shit - No Man’s Sky has over 18 quintillion planets, but there is free game Clicker Heroes that has over 19 quintillion dungeons and monsters in it and most of them no one will ever see. The game will be the same even with just 100 planets or even just 1. If there was just 1 planet that every time you go to space some dwarf slightly changes the position of the terrain and the colors - the game will be the same. No Man’s Sky is very repetitive and gets boring really fast.

The Multiplayer - Sean Murray lied about the Multiplayer. You may think it’s no big deal and it probably isn’t but 50% of the people that bought it, bought it for the possibility to meat and even fight against or with other players as was promised. If it was 100% single player, a game like minesweeper that you play on your PC and don’t interact with other people, who cares. People want to show their big gun and big ship to other players. If you bought the game, just for a second imagine that someone will give it to you for free but 100% single player forever. Will you accept? I think you will pay 60 bucks more, just so you can play with other players. And that lie from Sean Murray made him rich.

Sean Murray Interviews – Yes I have 0 hours playing No Man’s Sky, but I watched Sean Murray interviews telling lies and dodging questions. It was probably Sony that paid and organized all that media coverage. May be even Sony told him what to say and what not. Countless interviews with many meaningless words saying nothing about the game. Journalists not really wanting any answers, just the money they will get from 5 minutes interview and another one next week. I guess Sean Murray deserve every dollar he made if he can talk so sweat and trick many people of preordering No Man’s Sky. Even I wanted to buy it at some point, but it was the same interviews that made me wait at least until the release date. If all they say about the game is “it will blow your mind” and “we don’t want to spoil anything” I will wait and see.

No review copies and PC delay – There were no review copies, at least for PC and at least for popular streamers that usually say that a game is bad when it is bad. The reason is to trick the consumers into buying something without knowing how bad it is. For the same reason PC version was delayed for 3 days. To stop the negative reviews for the bad PC port, to force people with console and PC to buy console version and later the PC version. As I understand there is no refund for the console version. And many people will want refund for this game. But why only 3 days delay for the PC port? I guess 3-5 days is the limit where everyone understand how repetitive No Man’s Sky is and even the console maniacs will star posting negative reviews.

Paid DLC – Until yesterday Sean Murray position was that every DLC will be free. Now after everybody paid their copy of No Man’s Sky the position changes to there will be paid DLC. This is actually good news, because for another 60 bucks they can actually make multiplayer and put more content into the game. But still bad lie and the game will become even more expensive at 120 bucks for something promised for the version 1.0.

Unfinished game – Yes, I also think that this game looks like early access game with missing 90% of the features. Every system needs improvement. Controls, options, bugs – everything screams unfinished game. Missing features that were promised. Why so fast? I am hoping that Star Citizen is coming soon and this is the reason No Man’s Sky was released so n a hurry.

Censuring the critics – Posts on the internet criticizing the game were deleted. Videos on YouTube talking about the game were flagged for copyright infringement without reason just to stop the negative review or information about the game.

Very Bad Performance - No Man’s Sky runs like shit on consoles and even on most powerful PCs. Let’s hope this will be fixed. Seems like the easiest thing to fix.

Even more lies (promises) – For the future every promise from Sean Murray will be lie for me until delivered. To shut up the critics about the unfinished game Sean Murray promised adding the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters. But not a word on when or how exactly. Will you need to pay another 60 bucks for that? How will you build bases when every time you get of planet everything is deleted? Sean Murray you blow my mind again.

Learning languages – May be the best system in the game is that you get to learn new alien word from time to time helping you communicate with them better. It is nice progression system and I wish more games have it implemented.

Nice Relaxing Game – This game is perfect if you don’t want to be stressed in games like Counter Strike, Star Craft, Heroes of The Storm or Overwatch. You can just go slow mining and discover new planets. This is also the main reason I am still considering buying this game with all the shit surrounding it. There are not many games at the moment to play and relax. If Star Citizen was ready I don’t think many people will play No Man’s Sky. They may be different type of games, but they both satisfy the human need for space exploration.

Big Step for a Small Team, Small Step for the Hype Machine – This is very big accomplishment for a small team, the idea is brilliant, the game had potential to become really great and may be will be some day. Many people are having fun playing it.

In Conclusion – This is the most overhyped game in the history of gaming, fun for 2 hours but getting boring and repetitive very fast. And the worst part is not the game, but the way it was marketed and sold as a rotten apple to blind orphans. I will recommend buying it not when the price falls, but when everything mentioned above gets fixed and promised futures get implemented.

3 hours later - The war is lost. I'm sorry. I was weak. I paid the full fkn price on steam and now I am playing on the dark side. The consoles have won the war. If you are stronger than me keep fighting.

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