Friday, July 1, 2016

Calypso Explorer Contest

Calypso Explorer Contest

The Zoological Institute of Calypso needs to resurvey the biological life on the Continent of Eudoria. As a result, they are handing out rewards to private survey contractors with the best bio-life maps.


Make a Creature Location Map of Eudoria on Planet Calypso

You can make your own map or use the Planet Calypso Eudoria Map available at

There is a limit of one entry per participant. The top 3 entries will be selected based on accurate representation of creature locations, maturity, level of detail, usability, creativity and overall aesthetics.

Entry Period:

The contest starts Wednesday, June 29 and ends on Thursday, September 29, 23.59 UTC.

How to Enter:

To take part in the contest send your full avatar name and your Creature Location Map before the submission deadline to:


1st: Frontier Vehicle (L), Colonists Standard Issue Jumpsuit (Khaki Color) & Chikara InvestaFoe ES500

2nd: Frontier Vehicle (L) & Chikara InvestaFoe ES500

3rd: Frontier Vehicle (L) & Chikara InvestaFoe ES400

Rules and Notes:

Make your own map or use the Planet Calypso Eudoria Map available at

Image editing is allowed (e.g. using Photoshop, Gimp etc.)

Be sure to include your full Entropia Universe avatar name in the submission email

Limit of one entry per avatar account

Each attached image should be no larger than 8 megabytes

Files should be non-animated, and in common format, e.g. .jpeg, .png or .gif

Minimum image resolution - 2048x2048

Participants agree that the submitted image and the participant’s full avatar name may be used by MindArk for marketing purposes related to Entropia Universe

Eudoria Map for Download:

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