Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.1

Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.1

June 22 2016

Fixes :

.CUHOF 01 to 05 Daily Mission Solo Instances (Attempts) are now re-activated at NPC Yasmina

Note : **CUHOF Keys used in CUHOF daily mission attempts Must Be Full TT**

** if placed a non-full TT key and an error occurs, please abandon mission and try again with your key full TT repaired**

. Improved CUHOF instances rooms and map sizes.
. Added Sounds for CUHOF Instances.
. Adjusted recipes for CUHOF Keys Blueprints.
. Some tools which couldn't be placed in auction can now be placed normally in auction.
. Fixed Roads and Terrain.
. Fixed Weapons Effects.
. Qaffaz Figure Reward can now be retrieved after finishing (Qaffaz Quwa Challenge Stage 5) by talking to NPC Zalaan at Guardian Village.

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