Wednesday, June 15, 2016




CDF reports Trooper units patrolling southwest of Fort Medusa, as well as Legionnaire units northwest of Fort Pandora. Vanguard units have disappeared from several locations.
The Citizen Plots near Fort Ithaca have received environmental updates. More developments will be arriving soon.
Added Caudatergus Iron Challenge mission chain (10 stages)
Added Gold Challenge missions for Argonaut and Atrox.
Added a new Silver Challenge Achievement: Silver Bullet.

The APCs at Atlas Haven have been removed.
The “Trophy Hunt” and “Once More Into The Wild” missions no longer loot physical trophies. Instead, temporary mission objects are given that are turned in to the NPC.
The Big Game Hunt now awards “Bukin’s Spare Rifle” in place of “Bukin’s Blade”, avatars who have already completed the quest can visit the mission NPC and receive the new reward.
The NPC Imperial Guardian Valerius now wears the same armor as other Imperial Guardians.
The “Washed Up” mission has been disabled; those who have already started the mission may still complete it.
The “Cherry Picking” mission now hides objectives that the avatar has already visited.
A waypoint has been added for the "George the vaccine guy" mission.
The Berycled texture and animations have received an update.
Fort Medusa defenses have been downgraded to level 2 due to weaker robot opposition in the region.

Improved NPC responsiveness at Camp Icarus and Half Moon Bay.
Various collision issues have been corrected in Mobile Service Centers.
Oculus in the NW Corinth cave no longer spawn inside walls.
The “Teleporter Information” mission now gives the "'Porter" achievement upon completion.
The “Tax Free” achievement is now given by the Port Atlantis and Cape Corinth Officials.
Fixed an issue causing avatars to spawn on the dropship when exiting the newbie beacon instance.
Improvements to dialogue and text for several Iron Challenge missions.

Known Issues

Several new upgrade missions are referenced by Liaison Atwell: Modified Vigilante, Adjusted Boar, Adjusted Katsuichi Determination and Adjusted Marber Bravo-Type Annihilator, but are not yet functional. These upgrade missions will be activated after the patch scheduled for June 21, however many of the items required for the new upgrade missions can already be collected from defeating robot forces, as in previous upgrade missions.
Outback Land Areas on Amethera are displaying incorrect names in the map interface. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming patch scheduled for early next week.

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