Friday, August 28, 2015

Eomon spotted south of Fort Troy!

The migrating herd of Eomon has been spotted south of Fort Troy, in the southeast of the Eudoria continent.

So far the herd has followed the predicted path published earlier at . If the herd's behaviour continues as predicted, biologists predict that this year's migration could soon be at an end.

Reports from the north of Eudoria indicate that the Longtooth herd may also be reaching its endpoint.

Low level Longtooth with shared loot distribution have been spotted near Camp Icarus and Half Moon Bay. These herds have become very popular among colonists that may lack the gear or experience to take on the more dangerous Eomon and Longtooth maturities.

A freelancer colonist sent us the fascinating images above from the area just east of Fort Troy when the Eomon herd passed by and a number of colonists set out for large prey.

Be on the lookout for the Eomon and Longtooth herds this weekend on Planet Calypso!

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