Friday, July 31, 2015

Compet Bulletin #7

In the previous ComPet bulletin we talked about player versus player pet battles. While the PVP pet battles are a central feature of ComPet, there are also many other cool features! In this ComPet bulletin we will take a look at the City Management feature.

Concept of the stables, which allow you to view and manage your pets.

City Management

Every ComPet player will have their own city to manage, where various useful structures can be built. The structures will for example offer the ability to recruit new pets, train existing pets, generate resources, and gain access to various other features and content.

The city itself and the buildings within can be upgraded in order to access new functions and pet bonuses. The city is also the main user interface from which most of your activities in ComPet originate.

ComPet will offer an exciting raid feature, where players can attack the cities of other ComPet players and pet battle them for their resources. Of course, this means defending your own city from attacks will be an important part of a successful strategy in ComPet!

Olivia, the ComPet app guide.

We are also very happy to introduce Olivia, the ComPet in-game assistant!

When ComPet is launched, Olivia will guide you through the game, providing you with information and advice when you need it.

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The ComPet app is still in development. As such, any features, systems, and graphics of ComPet mentioned or shown in this document may be subject to change.

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