Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Planet Cyrene October 2014 VU Preview

Hey everyone,

Kris here again for the Planet Cyrene October 7th 2014, VU Preview.

This will be a different sort of preview as this VU is a precursor to Hard Launch. The Imperium have overrun Janus, Turrelion, and A.R.C. areas with tactical orbital strikes and wave after wave of Imperium infantry.

What this means for Cyrene colonists is they will be forced to relocate to a currently uninhabited area of Cyrene. On this new relocation server we get our first glimpses of the Inverted Zyn Pyramid. As well as the Sky Labs, the giant floating science center for the Scientific Order of Cyrene.

The new area will be located here:

The other areas will be reopened in the future as part of the player driven upgrade system. Speaking about that system, in order to make it easier for players see the different areas and the different types of areas and upgrade that can happen we will be posting up a map of the area that will be updated periodically to show which areas are close to the next unlock or series of unlocks.

The new area has a centralized mission hub located near the relocated 0x101 Supply Depot, as well as the Zyn'kimbro and Tanhok missions. This area also has room for expansion for full shops and apartments (not to mention the recently sold stables).

Many of the daily missions have been streamlined, Verifier Franklin has been removed from her post and did not make her way to the new area, so the daily missions from Ron Sophiscus and Will Andrews are simpler to complete. Also the Zyn'Kimbro spawn missions have been moved to a more accessible location (which includes Lazidol).

There are also new items for the Cyrene Mission Tokens, a full set of Ozpyn Beetle armor as well as several weapons.

The majority of the creature spawns have migrated to this new area as well as some new creatures:

The Arret, one of the first mammal hybrids to appear on Cyrene. It appears that these creatures may even be able to be tamed and kept as pets.

The Crystal Ice Golem, these ice monsters are made of the same crystal material that is embedded within the glacier. These Crystal Ice Golems have driven the Zyn'Nix into hiding. If enough are cleared overtime, perhaps the Zyn'Nix will make themselves known again.

That's not to say that certain areas and upgrades won't happen. Some upgrades will happen no matter what, a few examples for the Hard Launch VU are:

- Factions (starting with A.R.C. faction story missions and rewards)

- PvP Mech Battles

- Shops and Apartments

I hope this sheds some light on the next coming VU for Planet Cyrene as well as a glimpse into our future plans. Thanks for reading and thanks for playing Planet Cyrene.


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