Friday, October 10, 2014

EBN Newsflash - Increased Robot Activity

Calypso Defense Forces command has issued an urgent security alert for inhabitants of Fort Ithaca and Fort Zeus due to the sudden appearance of hostile robot forces in those areas.

Unarmed colonists are urged to evacuate immediately until the hostile robots have been repelled.
  • Fort Ithaca (69000 x 87000) - Big Bulks Gen 03 - Gen 07 - (Shared Loot)
  • Fort Zeus (87200 x 94600) - Drone Coordinators Gen 01 - Gen 10 - (Shared Loot)
CDF Intelligence warns that the appearance of Drone Coordinators on Calypso often indicates an impending invasion of larger robot forces. Accordingly, CDF reserves are being mobilized and colonist militia members are encouraged to stock up on armaments in case of a full-scale robot invasion in the near future.

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