Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Planet Arkadia Update 2014.3 Release Notes (15 October 2014)

Planet Arkadia Update 2014.3 Release Notes (15 October 2014)

The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Update 2014.3. This information is provided to the extent that the IFN and ACA are at liberty to discuss at this time. Log in today and check things out for yourself, to discover how the changes affect you!


Arkadia Underground

Underground Vaults 4 - 10 enabled, be on the lookout for treasure maps.

New TT weapons and tools

Trade Terminals across Entropia Universe have been synchronized.

Start Room enhancements

Significant development has taken place to ensure new arrivals to Planet Arkadia are given the best experience possible. Many new NPC's have been added, some giving missions, others introducing new players to various aspects of life on Arkadia.

Tameable Nusul pet

New spawns of tameable Nusuls have been added.
Spawns can be found at the following temporary locations
  • [8779, 31893, 123], South of Tannery
  • [15279, 16150, 237], North East of Repulse FB Academy
  • [17929, 13681, 189], West of Steadfast FB
  • [23168, 21212, 203], South of Redoubtable FB
  • [24178, 29889, 142], South East of Sanctuary Island
  • [30918,26736,308], South of Taipan digsite
  • [21424,13485,186], South West of Robot Factory
  • [17376, 17545, 320], South East Rocky Ridge
Mining resources

Sweetstuff has been reintroduced on Planet Arkadia

Rename of LA 6

LA 6 has been renamed to Songkra Valley

New custom shop front up in Celeste Harbour North

Deep Space Supplies

Owner: Bjorn Bjorn Longstaff
Location: Celeste North 13

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