Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Entropia Universe 15.0.1 Release Notes

Entropia Universe 15.0.1 Release Notes


  • Pets will now move around less and adjust to the avatar better.
  • Tooltip added for Pet Focus.
  • Pet names can now contain 12 letters instead of 8.
  • Creatures that have just been spawned will now wait a short duration before they aggro.

Fixed Issues

  • Pets will now behave properly in estates.
  • Shop sales notifications have been fixed.
  • Hovering Target UI no longer takes focus from chat.
  • All event areas are now displayed in event list.
  • Creature “Tab tab” no longer crashes the client.
  • Target texts will no longer overlap
  • Fixed Tracked missions UI bug where UI went black upon maximization.
  • An issue with private trading in space and instances has been fixed.
  • Sleipnir sounds are working again.
  • Panther portrait is no longer missing.
  • Fixed an issue where a pet trick could not be executed.
  • Client Loader and Client will now launch faster.
  • Pets will now perform tricks to the corresponding profession level of their avatar.
  • Linked pet items will now show basic information.
  • Can no longer summon/dismiss pets when avatar is dead.
  • Next target with a pet summoned is now work correctly.
  • Scroll bar now resets for a new page in the message center.
  • None accessible motherships will no longer show up in the teleport list in space stations.
  • When teleporting to another server the pet will be correctly dismissed and the pet item will appear in the inventory.
  • Items in private trade window now display their correct values.
  • Pet brush icon in inventory is no longer clipped.
  • Pet brush sound is now sync with the animation.

Known Issues

  • Geometry blocking passages in Calypso Beacon Mission dungeons.

  • Several pet grooming animations have been fixed.
  • Snablesnot Male and Female have had some tricks renamed.

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