Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Entropia Universe 15.0 Release Notes

Version Update 15.0 includes the first phase of reintroducing Taming to Entropia Universe. Future updates will introduce exciting new Taming features such as pet buffs and equipment, as well as features specifically related to the ComPet app that will be released early next year.

In this first phase, existing pets will become active once again and each planet will feature one new low-level tamable creature:
  • Arkadia - Nusul Puny
  • Calypso - Bristlehog Puny
  • Cyrene - Young Arret
  • Rocktropia - Panther Puny
  • Toulan - Tabtab Puny

Taming a creature
Tamable creatures are indicated by a heart-shaped taming symbol, to the left of a creature’s health bar. When you find a tamable creature, you first need to use a Whip to lower the spirit of the creature increase its respect. Once the creature reached the correct thresholds you will be able to use an action called “Attempt Tame” to command the creature to obey and become your pet.

Pets are summoned from your avatar inventory. A summoned pet will follow your avatar around, and various information and commands are available from the pet dashboard that appears when a pet is summoned.

Your pet will have different moods depending on how it feels, so it is a good idea to keep your pet engaged while summoned.

Pets consume energy over time and gain experience over time while summoned. Energy indicates how well fed a pet is. Right click on Nutrio Bars in your inventory in order to feed your pet. Energy level affects a pet’s mood, so be sure to keep your pet well fed.

Depending on how it is treated a pet will gain affection towards your avatar. Keep treating it well and something good might be given in return due to the deep connection you have built up.

As you engage and care for a pet it will gain experience levels. Higher levels unlock different commands and tricks that a pet can perform. Additional commands will be added in future updates.

Focus is a measure of how well a pet can focus when performing tricks and other commands. Be sure not to push your pet too hard in a short time period or it will lose focus.

Ancient Pets
Existing tamed pets from the old taming system are operational in the relaunched taming system, and are indicated as Ancient pets. The old pet maturities have been merged into one of two maturities as follows:
Former pets with a maturity of Young - Guardian are now the default Ancient pet maturity, and have the parameters of the former Guardian pet maturity.
Former pets with a maturity of Dominant - Stalker are now known as the Ancient Strong maturity and have the parameters of the former Stalker maturity.

Two new crafted Whips have been introduced. The blueprints for these items can be found while crafting weapons on any planet.

Shrapnel, a new stackable resource, has been introduced to hunting loot. All creatures on all planets will drop this new resource as a symbolic representation of salvaged battle debris, regardless of the type of weapon(s) used to defeat the creature. Shrapnel will replace a portion of the total loot value formerly dropped in the form of ammo, animal oils, tier components, paint cans, etc. Shrapnel is not used as a crafting component; instead, Shrapnel can be can converted to Universal Ammo at a ratio of 100:101, or sold to the Trade Terminal at face value.

The Target user interface has been improved
Graphical improvements have been made to the Message Center interface.
Friend and Society invites and channel invites now always appear at the op top of the Message Center for improved visibility.
Improved dissolve/appear transition effects in the social interfaces.
It is now possible to teleport from Monria to Planet Calypso for a fee of 7 PED.

Fixed Issues
Several Monria estate issues have been fixed.
The selected avatar portrait is now correctly displayed in the contacts list.
Fixed an issue preventing Motherships and Space Stations sometimes not appearing in the teleport destination list.
Fixed an issue resulting in the hangar entrance on Motherships sometimes not closing when restricted.
Fixed an issue resulting in new messages sometimes not appearing in the Message Center.
Fixed an issue with auction icons sometimes missing from Message Center messages.
Fixed an issue resulting in bank loans not displaying properly in some situations.
Fixed an issue interfering with sound effects for some BLP weapons.
General fixes to many sound events.

Known Issues
Pets do not disappear when dismissed in estates.
Clear shader cache should be cleared via the Client Loader in order for the new dissolve effects to display.
Pet items do not always reappear in inventory when a pet pet is dismissed due to teleportation. Relogging resolves the issue.
The Rocktropia Panther pet portrait is missing.
The Toulan Tabtab pet may cause the 64-bit Client to crash on Windows 8. Using the 32-bit client avoids the problem.

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