Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why do you get more ammo in your loot

No, no one hates you in MindArk office. Well they may be hate you if you own island full of treasures on Planet Calypso, but this is not the reason for the ammo in your loot. The reason is a flag called "disable auto-generated loot" which can be placed on individual creatures where it makes sense. Setting the flag means that auto-generated items such as ESI's, Oils, Makeup, Paints etc won't drop on the creature, instead only ammo and specifically assigned loot items will drop.

The flag was placed on the puny creatures because it didn't make sense to spread out a few pecs here and there in various trash item stacks, it only makes the game seem more expensive than it is it TT values get spread out.

The flag was also placed on big shared loot monsters such as wave spawner bosses because players have been complaining for ages about one or two people getting high TT items and full ESI's while others getting no loot at all. These creatures can still drop combat tokens which now becomes a more common occurrence since the TT value can't be used to fill up big L items etc.

And no you can’t get PED in your loot. It was possible few years ago, but it was changes for some strange legal reasons.

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