Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5k Skill Buff Weekend

Let's celebrate 5000 Facebook likes!

Since the first post on Entropia Universe's Facebook page on January 22 2013 we have reached an ever expanding audience with News, Tips & Tricks, status information and popular Event adverts.

Now we are closing in on a new milestone, the 5000 Likes line!

To celebrate this we want to invite you all to a special Skill Buff Weekend event.

This Skill Buff event will start on

  • Friday June 27 at 10.00 UTC

and end on

  • Monday June 30 10.00 UTC.

The skill buff feature will be active on all planets in Entropia Universe as well as in Space.

How it works:

Skill Buffing allows your Avatar to gain skills with a bonus factor for a limited time period. The Buff is automatically triggered while playing to give you a bonus increase in one of the skills involved in your current activity. The strength and duration of the Skill Buff you receive is also dependent of the level of your recent activity. This feature gives you an extra edge to your game-play and allows your activity in Entropia Universe to pay off in skill gains faster. This weekend we increase the strength and the chance of getting the Skill Bonus.

The Skill Bonus Buff symbols will become visible in the Dashboard, by default in the lower right part of your screen. Hovering over the symbols will show the Type and Strength of the Skill Bonus you will get during the Buff period. The Buff symbols appearance differ by the kind of Skill Buff you have received. The Skill Bonus event will be active on all planets inside Entropia Universe and in Space.

Hope you can join us in the celebration! See you inworld!

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