Friday, June 13, 2014

Planet Cyrene June Update Preview

Hello everyone, Kris here again with another VU Preview for Planet Cyrene.

For this up coming VU, we wanted to add some fun things that were missing as well as some other staples for Planet Cyrene.

The first big new thing happening this VU is Achievements. We’ve added 5 different categories for them:

General, which is related to things all players will do on Cyrene.

Hunting, which is focused around many of the high-end kill point missions.

PvP, which is where we’ll put all Hub related achievements.

Missions, where completing the Epic chains and other special missions will be.

Finally mining, which will be hold achievements for all of our mining related missions.

I’m sure some players may have already completed the 20,000-kill point Tide Claw mission or another mission that now awards an achievement, and might be worried that they have missed out on obtaining that achievement. This is not the case; there is a special NPC that will be able to unlock achievements based on missions completed which is located at the 0x101 Supply Depot.

One staple we wanted for a few VUs was Mining Iron Missions. This is coming up in the Partner VU. We’ve managed to get 8 different ores and enmatters for multi-chain Mining Iron Missions. Each chain will contain 6 stages, each requiring more than the last. Each one of these challenges will culminate with an achievement (on top of the rewards that come from completing it).

Also coming in this VU is the sequel to the M.A.R.I.O.V.R. It’s another platforming style dungeon with a bit more dangerous and difficult challenges.

There is no Basic Run, only an advanced run, which will require you to have a Jade Fragment (from completing the M.A.R.I.O.V.R. – Advanced Run with the best possible time) in your inventory. It will have a damage maze, rocket snipers, and a teleport challenge to get to the end of the course. This platfomer instance is called L.U.I.G.I.V.S. or the Lifelike Unreal Imperium Grunt Initiation Virtual Simulation.

For the planet-side changes this is only a taste. We’ll also have some other new things coming, as well as the big Token change along with other upgrades and fixes for Planet Cyrene. Of course, there will be some new Hub things as well. The Pit is now open, and Gladiators (Players who have the Proving Ground Registered Coat of Arms from the Proving Grounds) will be able to summon the Beast. The Beast has a chance to drop crafting materials and blueprints for two, new Hub only weapons: Fenris Sniper Rifle and Turrellajin’s Stalker Blade. There will also be new items to purchase with Daily PvP Mission Tokens.

I hope that this gets players excited for the upcoming Planet Cyrene Version Update as well as shows what we’ve been working on here at Planet Cyrene.

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