Friday, May 30, 2014

Starter Packs and Harrier Armor

My thoughts on the Starter Packs

MindArk will start offering starter packs as some other games do. There will be Bronze for 5$, Silver for 15$ and Gold for 40$. With the twist that items offered in the Starter Packs will be non-tradable. As it can be expected most players don’t mind the starter pack, but half see problem with the untradeable aspect of the items.

As most things about Entropia Universe there are a lot of angles you can look at it. And there maybe diferent reasons why MindArk are introducing Starter Packs. I think that the best explanation is to get more new players and more importantly keep them for few months until they can see what great game this is. Entropia Universe is the greatest MMO out there and will be for many years to come. It is the ultimate sandbox game. Even the word game is not correct because t is more than a game. A lot more. The problem is to explain that to someone that never played it. If you try to explain it with words it doesn’t sound as good as the game is. And the other problem is that if you start and try to play the game without depositing money it seems boring. I am a mentor and if I have disciple that don’t want to deposit and ask me what to what can I tell him? Trade this and this, hunt that creature with that weapon and that armor, mine at this land for that resource, craft this blueprint? Nope. All I can tell him is go and collect sweat for few days and come back so we can hunt for 20 minutes. Now if he buy starter pack for 15$ this will be enough to keep him in game for a month. This will be enough time so he can try the different part of the game and decide if he likes it. I think starter pack idea is good and will keep more new players in the game. Sure some will leave. Some people like other type of games.

It seems the items in the starter pack will be limited weapon and healing tool and unlimited armor Default Harrier Scout.

You can’t trade those items, but for me this is not a problem. The weapon and the healing tool will break when you use them anyway. And the armor is not very expensive. And actually is one more reason new players to keep playing, knowing that they have something in the game that worth money.

There is also improved version of that armor named Default Adjusted Harrier Assault Armor .

This armor has nice boost of 8% to your running and walking speed. The effect is called Metabolic Acceleration. If this armor is also in the starter packs, probably that for 40$, I will surely buy one and most of the players will.

In the end I think this is good for the new players, good for the old players and good for MindArk. Everybody wins.

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