Thursday, May 29, 2014

Star Citizen delay again

Arena Commander or the Dog Fighting Module supposed to go live today but it was announced that it will be delayed again. Today the same day it was supposed to go live. That's what I call last minute delay. And it was scheduled for the end of 2013 when it got delayed to somewhere around March 2014. Then in April on PAX East they announced Arena Commander is coming soon in May. Later they specified it is going to be 29 May. And on 29 of May they say “We got some bugs we aren’t going to launch it.”

People got few days of work just to play the game. And now all this kind of leave bad taste in your mouth. I am surprised there wasn’t much rage on the forums. But most people are fans and ready to wait 2-3 years.

And to be honest I’m not sure if playing the alpha and the beta is smart move. If I play 1 year the game and then I have to start from beginning killing ships to get more money to buy bigger ships I will probably be tired already. And if more people are like that the game can die soon after the full release. And maybe this is way they delay the thing as long as they can and people allow them.

By the time the full game goes live Entropia Universe will have pets and controlled mobs and what not. It will be hard to choose to play Star Citizen at that point.

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