Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Entropia Universe 14.7 Release Notes



  • Team target marker is now removed when the tagged avatar dies.
  • Fixed lighting issues with the Nifty Pattern Pants (M,C) and (F,C)
  • An issue preventing some auction messages from being updated correctly has been fixed.
  • The Omegaton Stove A-3 (C) visual model has been improved.
  • Quest counters now display high values correctly.
  • Shower Cabin is no longer extremely bright with above high graphic settings.
  • It is now possible for a society leader to manage society owned land areas even if the leader does not hold any shares in these lands.
  • Spacecraft and estate deeds can now be pawned in banks.
  • Fixed issue when avatars and NPC:s would twitch when switching stance.


Added an in-world HUD indicator for the nearest waypoint.
The consumption rate of enhancers attached to unlimited items has been reduced by 50%.
Players that are targeted by the Set Team Target action will now receive a notification.
  • If a vehicle is targeted then all avatars in that vehicle will receive the notification.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where UIs would not register fast mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Avatar names with special characters will no longer stop chat.
  • The /pos command now work in dynamic areas.
  • Entries in the contacts list no longer expand occasionally for no apparent reason.
  • The expanded entry in the contacts list no longer be minimized when another avatar logs on or out.
  • Entries in the contacts list no longer show incorrect context icons for some avatars.
  • All chat channels are now logged in the main chat log.
  • Chat window no longer prevents numpad enter from functioning normally.


  • Creating a new chat tab should now immediately show the tab naming UI.
  • Added an option to hide tutorial messages in the message center.
  • Added time since last login in the contacts list for friends and society members.
  • - Logging in while incognito or invisible will not update the timer.
  • - There is an new setting in the privacy options to hide your last login time.
And something not in the release notes:

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