Saturday, April 12, 2014

Presenting Arkadia Land Area 6

Dozens of Entropians for 3 months have been working long hours in Aakas, known to them as the "mines". Tens of thousands of snakes, grasshoppers, magurg, ubo, and defenders were slaughtered for the capture of a once pristine land east of the Taipan Digsite -- a previously untouched land rich in treasures, enmatter, and ore.

But towards the end of the conquest, the monsters became restless and the quickest of all mobs and perhaps the most clever, the Ubo, felt to seek revenge by stowing away undetected in a runner's inventory, maybe during the lag woes that prevented players from viewing it properly, and begin wreaking havoc on Arkadia. The rumor has it, the unsuspecting Aakas key runner was one known as a "blitzer", perhaps one of the fat ones with a strange infatuation with ostelok hides. No one will ever know but the legend will continue...

As Ubo love tall grass, they chose to stake claim along the east Coast of Arkadia known to Arkadians as Land Area 6 (32458, 26140). Why they chose this place specifically, and so far from Aakas, is unknown, but perhaps the Ubo feed on the richness of minerals in the area. As the Ubo began to populate in LA6, they solicited an alliance with the beladoths. By joining forces and working with the Ubo, they became corrupted and thus were mutated. Their mutated forms made them more powerful and difficult to eliminate.

Now the once beautiful Land Area 6 is becoming tainted with the corruption of Ubo and Mutated Beladoth and Arkadia needs your help to cleanse the land.

I Present To You....

Arkadia Land Area 6 (32458, 26140)

Starring.... the Ubo

and... the Mutated Beladoth

There will be events weekly and as soon as the names are fixed for the Beladoth, there will be some on-going, permanent events going forward. I hope that we will soon have some missions, perhaps even ones that separate these ubo with the ones from ACA.

Hunting Tax: 4%
Mining Tax: 4%

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